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  • adj. Imbuing elementary particles with mass through the breaking of electroweak symmetry and the interaction with some field.
  • adj. Similar in mass and other properties to the proposed Standard Model Higgs boson.


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Higgs (“a surname”) +‎ -like, from Peter Higgs, credited with the Higgs mechanism and Higgs boson.


  • Frank Wilczek, a Nobel laureate and physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said finding the Higgs boson would tie up a loose end of the standard model of physics, which requires that a Higgs-like particle exist.

    Higgs Boson Search: CERN Releases New Data Said To Narrow Hunt For 'God Particle'

  • These occur because the inflaton field, a Higgs-like field which induces inflationary cosmology, assumes different values in different regions of the earliest spatial surface of the spacetime universe.

    If We Live in a Multiverse, How Many Are There? | Universe Today

  • It depends upon a Higgs-like field which inflated the spacetime rapidly into a flat (or near flat) geometry.

    What if Time Really Exists?

  • There is almost a guarantee that the Higgs exists, or at least some sort of Higgs-like particle that plays that role; there is an electroweak symmetry, and it is broken by something, and that something should be associated with particle-like excitations.

    What Will the LHC Find?

  • The dark energy, a moniker we give it, may well be due to a Higgs-like particle that in four dimensions gives an action

    A Dark, Misleading Force

  • The inflaton, or Higgs-like particle that induced inflation, expanded rapidly across the cosmological horizon to determine the curvature of the universe and the nature of gauge fields and their fermionic sources on a spatial surface not causally connected to the same initial conditions.

    A Dark, Misleading Force

  • The quintessence idea I think is a certain state of the vacuum, maybe related to dark matter, which is a space and time variation in the inflaton (Higgs-like) field in the universe.

    A Dark, Misleading Force

  • I spoke to one theorist at the conference (Dermisek … DE Kaplan is doing similar things) who has a model with a light Higgs decaying in non-standard channels and can matchup to the largest excess of ‘Higgs-like’ events from LEP II … now to really compare the model with data you need to look in more detail at what these events are.

    Should the Data be Public?

  • The Atlas team reported a Higgs-like bump in their data between 120 and 140GeV.

    The Guardian World News

  • Typically one still gets a Higgs or Higgs-like boson, but at a possibly higher mass than we’ve been sensitive to so far.

    Higgs 101


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