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  • proper n. A female given name, variant of Hildegard.


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  • My great-aunt Hildegarde is an almost fanatical devotee of the third method.

    Try Anything Twice

  • How euphonious to the ear and yet how unusual is the name Hildegarde!

    Fibble, D.D.

  • Here Simon stopped suddenly; for without a word Hildegarde had raised the pistol (which he had not seen before, as her hand was behind her), and levelled it full at his head, keeping her eyes steadily fixed on him.

    Queen Hildegarde

  • When I logged in as a single woman "Hildegarde", I noted that sins of carnality were almost identical to those applying to married women and men: impure thoughts, failure to dress modestly, homosexual activity, sexual thoughts, masturbation.

    Michele Somerville: Test Driving The New Catholic Confession App

  • A new volume in the "Hildegarde" series, some of the best and most deservedly popular books for girls issued in recent years.

    Margaret Montfort

  • "But I have wanted to say 'Hildegarde' ever since I came into this room, because the name just fits the room -- and you."

    Hildegarde's Neighbors

  • A new volume in the "Hildegarde" Series, some of the best and most deservedly popular books for girls issued in recent years.


  • "Hildegarde," said the duke, "you shall become my daughter, and you shall dwell here till the end of your days.

    The Goose Girl

  • "Hildegarde," said Rose, wishing to turn the subject and cheer the spirits of their kind hostess, "what did you mean, just now, by telling

    Hildegarde's Holiday a story for girls

  • I can't pin down just where Hildegarde appeared from, but there she is, dressed in her wimple and robe.

    Lucy Coats: My Hero From Another Age


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