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  • proper n. Alternative form of HillaryCare.


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  • Hillarycare is all about taxing and even "garnishing wages", as she has said.

    Paul: 'People will have a chance' with Barr

  • How else to explain Hillarycare falling on its ass without ever even being brought up for a vote?

    Waldo Jaquith - Supermajority support universal health care.

  • We've seen this movie before, private insurance promised fairness to the American people back in 1994 in exchange for our government not nationalizing health insurance, a plan then referred to as "Hillarycare" -- those right-wingers just aren't very creative -- and now the Insurance Industry is having a tantrum again, citizens are fearing the Iron Curtain and our government is capitulating with not-for-profit health insurance exchanges.

    Vanessa Carmichael: Remembering August

  • The Democratic Iowa state senator was co-chairing a 2007 special commission hearing on the subject in Mason City, and his GOP colleagues were carping about how an overly bureaucratic "Hillarycare" - style plan would be proposed for their state.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • And that was the problem 15 years ago with Hillarycare, which is that she just presented Congress with a piece of legislation, which they proceeded to rip apart.

    CNN Transcript Mar 5, 2009

  • The magazine reported that the NFIB used a study it conducted to argue that "Hillarycare" would kill up to 1.5 million jobs.

    Wendell Potter: Public Option Is Alive in CT, But Insurers' BFFs Are Out to Kill It

  • After being dragged in front of Starr's tribunal in the 1990s, previously pronounced dead after "Hillarycare," Mrs. Clinton became a highly approved New York senator, which she jettisoned into a presidential candidacy, landing as Secretary of State (a job she's managed far better than she did her '08 campaign), because even after the brutal primary battle Pres.

    Taylor Marsh: Best and Worst, From Sarah Palin to The Sopranos

  • This is a 1993 idea from "Hillarycare" that the White House is afraid of.

    Post-Bush Stress Disorder

  • The mythology of "Hillarycare," as the Republicans like to call it, is only partly the result of right-wing misrepresentations of the plan as a "government takeover" and malicious personal attacks on Hillary.

    Obama Attacks Hillary Over Iran Vote; Camp Hillary Hits Back

  • Was it a conspiracy to fool all those gullible Democrats into thinking that even though the Republicans kept talking about "Hillarycare", they were actually speaking in code about what a lousy candidate Obama was going to be in the general election???

    New Camp Hillary Claim: The Media Want Her To Lose


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