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  • An ancient city of northwest Africa in present-day northeast Algeria south of Annaba. Saint Augustine was its bishop from A.D. 396 to 430.


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  • Carthage, which they call Hippo Regius, [6] he learned that Gelimer had ascended the mountain Papua and could no longer be captured by the

    History of the Wars, Books III and IV (of 8) The Vandalic War

  • Mary found fossilized hippo bones in every Bed IV excavation, and even turned up a nearly complete skeleton of the extinct, goggle-eyed Hippopotamus gorgops at a site she dubbed Hippo Cliff.

    Ancestral Passions

  • That Hippo also was of heathen jurisdiction, the testimonies of the Jews concerning the city Susitha may sufficiently argue: which as it is of the same signification with the word Hippo, so without all doubt it is the same place.

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • And this rough and melancholy plain in its turn offers a striking contrast with the coast region of Boujeiah and Hippo, which is not unlike the Italian Campania in its mellowness and gaiety.

    Saint Augustin

  • The Hippo was a short, thick rascal who was not endowed with muscles, just a lot of fat.

    Travel Tales in the Promised Land (Palestine)

  • And although he might lose his fortune by his horses, and his health or life by his cellar, and rarely lost either by his books, he was yet never called a Hippo-maniac nor an Oino-maniac; but only Biblio-maniac, because the current worth of money was understood to be legitimately founded on cattle and wine, but not on literature.

    The Crown of Wild Olive also Munera Pulveris; Pre-Raphaelitism; Aratra Pentelici; The Ethics of the Dust; Fiction, Fair and Foul; The Elements of Drawing

  • A decade ago, as Westwood was being crowned No. 1 in Europe, Poulter was rookie of the year on something called the Hippo Tour.

  • In a series of experiments, the scientists manipulated Kibra's role in a signaling network called the Hippo pathway, which consists of several proteins working together as a braking system.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • The Hippo is a major improvement on the toxic, re-purposed gasoline and paint containers that are typically used to collect water in rural African communities.


  • For the first class, Sarah and I had carefully designed a "Create-Your-Own-Adventure" game about "Hippo," a lovable purple (maybe gay?) hippopotamus traveling through a forest.

    Corinne Marshall: Do or Die-O-Rama: Helping at Risk Kids Help Me


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