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  • proper n. Alternative spelling of hiragana.


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  • Hiragana is easy to pick up if you have at least one children’s book or manga lying around – when I taught myself kana ages and ages ago, I just took 5 characters a day (a i u e o, for each consonant), practiced them a few times, then read through a volume of manga picking out all the ones I’d learned that day and all the ones I’d learned the days before.

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  • KOBODAISHI, most holy of Buddhist priests, and founder of the Shingon - sho -- which is the sect of Akira -- first taught the men of Japan to write the writing called Hiragana and the syllabary I-ro-ha; and

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  • There was also Hiragana writing class for another friend.

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  • For a number of years she was an overseas correspondent for the Tokyo-based Hiragana Times, as well as a spoof agony aunt for an adult newspaper.

    A NEW TERM • by Mary Cook

  • After that the four big East Asian scripts - the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana, and phonetic and standard Chinese - if you have one of these you probably have all four.

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  • One month later, I graduated from the class, while other Japanese students still struggling with Hiragana and Katakana.

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  • So I decided to post those words here in the Japanese Kanji and Hiragana, just in case people want to see what they look like.

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  • Course contents are clearly outlined and divided into five parts: Introduction and Hiragana (the native Japanese alphabet), Katakana (the alphabet for foreign words), Dialogues and Grammar, Voicetracks and The Homestretch.

    Speaking Their Language

  • The word Japan “日本” is not written in the Japanese Hiragana or Katakana but Chinese Kanji.

    Comparing the Chinese and Japanese cultures

  • Even the Japanese with three different writing languages like Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana use the same keyboard, with some minor modifications.

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