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  • adj. Spanish-speaking
  • n. A speaker of the Spanish language


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Hispano- + -phone


  • As for Kool-Aid, Guyana is an ENglish speaking country and has little in common culturally with Venezuela or other Hispanophone countries.

    Matthew Yglesias » Hugo Chavez, Inflation Hawk

  • Louise Pratt's "transculturation" is a more inclusive term, but one that neglects the AfroCaribbean or Afroamerican experience in relation to the Hispanophone world.

    Notes on 'London-Kingston-Caracas: The Transatlantic'

  • A delightful, if trivial, story has emerged from the Colombian newspaper Cambio and the Spanish ABC links are for our Hispanophone readers via the EUObserver.

    Maybe they should all arrange their own kidnapping

  • Permanent mass Hispanophone immigration to the US was a localized thing until very recently: the cities of the Northeast, the immediate border areas with Mexico, and south Florida. MADNESS.

  • The core of this squad is no longer Lusophone but Hispanophone: Cardozo and Saviola up front; Pablo Aimar, Javi Garcia and Nicolas Gaitan in midfield; Maxi Pereira and Ezequiel Garay in defence. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Somehow a starkly evul proponent of altruismo like me has made an impression on a Hispanophone Objetista.

    SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists

  • In the interdisciplinary course "Music From the Hispanophone Caribbean," Vazquez asks students to keep listening journals, which they share with classmates, to exchange responses to Latina / o music and draw connections to literature.

    Princeton University Top Stories

  • A suitor has emerged in the form of a regional telecom that specializes in the Hispanophone market (double entendre intended), and which thinks it could boost Tempe subscriptions from the current several hundred to about 300 times that number.

    Wi-Fi Networking News

  • This reading also reasserts the importance of Kingston as a locale that connects the Anglophone and Hispanophone transatlantic. [

    London-Kingston-Caracas: The Transatlantic


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