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  • proper n. A patronymic surname derived from a Middle English diminutive of the given name Roger.

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  • n. A countryman; a rustic; a clown.


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  • He had, indeed, that strong aversion felt by all the lower ranks of people towards four-footed companions very completely, notwithstanding he had for many years a cat which he called Hodge, that kept always in his room at Fleet Street; but so exact was he not to offend the human species by superfluous attention to brutes, that when the creature was grown sick and old, and could eat nothing but oysters, Mr. Johnson always went out himself to buy Hodge's dinner, that Francis the black's delicacy might not be hurt, at seeing himself employed for the convenience of a quadruped.

    Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson

  • Among one-fifth of the state's population: The strongest group of conservative state candidates ever. by Benjamin Hodge

    VA-08: 44/41 Moran/Berry (Caveats). | RedState

  • The conventional farm-folk of his imagination -- personified in the newspaper-press by the pitiable dummy known as Hodge -- were obliterated after a few days 'residence.

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles

  • No. Earhardt calls Hodge a friend whom she just does not see as a criminal.

    Latest Articles

  • When they get the work, they either don't call Hodge al all or tell him they're using their own people.

    WXIX - LSN Breaking News - Mobile Use Only

  • Begich Towers was completed in 1953, when it was known as the Hodge Building.

    News on Anchorage Press

  • In 2007, the then-education secretary, Alan Johnson, called Hodge's suggestion that immigration was partly to blame for local housing shortages "grist to the mill of the BNP".

    The Guardian World News

  • The business manager at Disney's Shades of Green resort, however, called Hodge and said a man who identified himself only as a veteran had provided the couple a three-night stay, including meals and park tickets.

    Latest News -

  • The only problem is there are a few icebergs to dodge, namely Hodge's injury, the miles on Locky's body, the lack of a fullback who can not only finish, but also make plays (this is not Denan Kemp, no matter how much you might try and convince yourself), a forward pack with a few big names but an inability to work as a unit for the duration of a season (or at least four weeks of a Finals campaign, IF they make it).

    The Roar - Your Sports Opinion

  • Such statistics are disheartening for evangelicals such as Hodge and James Tour, a renowned chemist specializing in nanotechnology at Rice University in Houston, who believe contraception is not biblical.

    Christians Examine Morality Of Birth Control


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