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  • Hollingshead, Raphael See Raphael Holinshed.


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  • Even though it has Megan Hollingshead and Rachael Lillis in it, I might sell it.

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  • “He was part of this too, you know,” Hollingshead said.

    Fatal Error

  • “Yes,” Hollingshead said, with a dismissive shrug.

    Fatal Error

  • Ali did a slow burn at that statement, which said more about SAC Hollingshead than it did about Richard Lowensdale.

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  • There was no mention of High Noon Enterprises in anything that had been said, and she doubted Sam Hollingshead would be terribly interested or motivated to track down the details.

    Fatal Error

  • While ER personnel attended to Brenda, Hollingshead commandeered a conference room and herded Ali and Gil inside.

    Fatal Error

  • “From these,” he said, placing the drives on the table in front of Hollingshead.

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  • Hollingshead seemed to be running out of patience.

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  • You gave Hollingshead those two thumb drives, and he was ecstatic.

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  • Mike Hollingshead photo of some incredible storm clouds

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