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  • v. To adapt to the norms and ideals of Hollywood; to make glitzy, superficial, thrilling, etc.


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Hollywood +‎ -ize


  • It is the most poignant love story between a father and son that I know of, so I wanted, above all, to respect the book and his work, to be authentic and not 'Hollywoodize' it, to use great restraint and focus upon its core qualities.

    John Hillcoat: On Making The Road

  • Indian movies have seldom looked "convincing" when they try often to "Hollywoodize" their movies, and the same can be said about

    Comments for On Movies

  • Regardless of whatever small changes might have been made to the story to make it more cinematic, I'm glad they didn't Hollywoodize it too much. Movie Blog

  • canadian drugstore hushing Tallchief Hollywoodize:assistant ledge enthusiastic

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Black flight from public schools:

  • It seems to be some American compunction to take other countries movies and hollywoodize them for box-office and merchandising reasons which isn't to say that Hollywood don't know how to make movies as I ***** love a load of Hollywood flicks and am definitely not part of the pseudo-intellectual arthouse snobbery mantra so popular at RT, but a masterpiece like Oldboy would be ruined by a remake and it is damn insulting for these exec ***** to go around ***** with everyone's pride and ***** joy! Stories / Popular


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