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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of Hollywoodize.


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  • One of the issues I have with "Hollywoodized" fitness trends is they all try to sell easy fitness.

    Moving Day at CrossFit Regina

  • Thankfully, I see a perfect storm of occurances that help to nullify the fear of ASoIaF getting "Hollywoodized".

    Too much hype?

  • He said that the training they portrayed was very real, but of course the entire film was "Hollywoodized" (his words)

  • Pangolin April 26th, 2009 4: 02 am, you're right and, as I mentioned below, the entire US population to varying degrees has been 'Hollywoodized' by fantastic terror situations that never occur in real life. Headlines

  • The US public has been 'Hollywoodized' to believe in the scriptwriter's fantasy of a ticking time-bomb stopped because we beat the hell out of the bomber -- an event that has never occurred in our nation's history, but a fantastic scenario doted on by delusional Republicans for their own purposes. Headlines

  • As with District 9 it's great to see a well-cast cast of unfamiliar, non-Hollywoodized players.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • With its premise of Kwai Chang Caine, the lonely man of peace, the exiled half-Chinese Shaolin priest wandering through the Old West, reluctantly forced to use his martial skills to fight injustice, it was the first and, shockingly, still the only major network series to present Eastern wisdom to a mass Western audience, even if in a Hollywoodized form.

    Dean Sluyter: The Dharma of Celebrity Death

  • If you'll remember, Nolan did his own Hollywoodized remake of a Scandanavian thriller/art-house hit, "Insomnia", just a few years after its initial release and no one seems too upset about that anymore.

    Elias Koteas, Cara Buono and Sasha Barrese Join Let Me In | /Film

  • Go for Broke! is the Hollywoodized version, so in a purely filmic sense it's pretty much second rate. & way too much is made of Van Johnson as the commander.

    Archive 2009-05-24

  • Julie and Barbara were basically the sanitized, Hollywoodized versions of me and Val.



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