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  • n. A person who is foolish, easily distracted, and/or gluttonous.


Name of an amiable but stupid character who gorges on beer and doughnuts in the long-running animated television series The Simpsons, said to be named after a character in Nathanael West's novel The Day of the Locust (1939). (Wiktionary)


  • To paraphrase Homer Simpson, the only irresponsible amount of drugs is none.

    GalaxyQuest | ATTACKERMAN

  • To paraphrase Homer Simpson, legal abortion turned out to be not just the solution to, but also the cause of, many unwanted pregnancies.

    Archive 2005-07-03

  • The Office is always a better show when Michael is a more competent salesman than Homer Simpson, which is why, when he told Dwight, "I am going to steal all your clients and then I am going to kill them in front of you," we almost believed him.


  • I find Homer Simpson as funny as anyone else, but if Matt Groening starts writing the "Homer Simpson" blog, he will post here under his real name, or not at all.

    Allan Jenkins' Desirable Roasted Coffee

  • DadBoner, who is either a real person or a profound literary construction, the despondent American post-marriage male persona nonpareil, Homer Simpson's Kafkaesque better.

    Aaron Belz: Literary Twitter: @DadBoner

  • Two different animals. — Homer Simpson being called into service to perform alongside Cheech Marin when Chong storms out.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • It used to assume that people are rational and consistent in their tastes, when they are often erratic and confused: less Mr Spock than Homer Simpson.

    In praise of … Daniel Kahneman | Editorial

  • If there is a hopeful indicator that the male gender group is now barely clinging on to the reins of control in society it is in that other stalwart comedy stereotype – the hopeless sitcom dad, epitomised by Homer Simpson.

    I don't know how he does it, either | Vanessa Thorpe

  • As proof, look no further than a recent story in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, which praised Homer Simpson for being a "true" Catholic.

    Special Report: Faith on TV

  • Where would Homer Simpson be if Marge were not his bride?

    Over the Moon


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