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  • adj. Of or relating to Homer, the Ancient Greek philosopher.


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  • It's like filming a Homerian epic where Odyseus has inexplicably had his name changed to The Odessy.

    MOVIE REVIEW: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

  • "Storage Wars" seems like a spa day compared to the misery and depressing ineptitude seen in "Gold Rush: Alaska," which depicts the almost Homerian journey of Todd Hoffman, a 41-year-old Oregon man, and his obstinate 65-year-old father, Jack, who sell everything they own not much and convince five other men to leave their families behind and accompany them to southeastern Alaska, where they've leased 160 acres to hunt for gold.

    'Storage Wars' and 'Gold Rush: Alaska' are mining at the recessionary frontier

  • Homerian Greeks are believed to have used little makeup, but later Greek women used paints and washes usually rose and white to color the skin.

    Best in Beauty

  • The original Star Trek was not a mythological classic, a Homerian epic.

    The Empire Has No Clothes

  • But by doing so in the current environment he behaves like that Homerian mischievous Tersith who, while beeing on the Aheyan side during the Trrojan siegedid only one thing - undermined the cause. by

    Do New Hampshire Vote Count Questions Harbinger Super Tuesday Vote Theft Disaster?

  • Perhaps you can't entirely relate to a family that not only re-reads but also quotes and playacts Homerian epics, but, really, we're not that strange.

    The holiday weekend in...

  • In the interests of my own sanity, I'd like to keep this short (as opposed to last night's Homerian epistle) and wonder aloud: if you believe in quantum mechanics that basically state that things only exist by being observed, then you can transitively state that you only exist by affecting other people.

    11/23/02 In the interests of

  • But as a work, too, of Homerian noir with a satirical bite about relations between men and women, this "Odyssey" frankly and even comically delivers, from Circe's silly-sexy costume to the male-ego-stroking call of the Sirens.

    The Seattle Times

  • Prince of Persia answered a question Old Man Christgau (that is said with serious respect, btw) asked in his Homerian review of Contra a few weeks ago: does it have legs?

    The Tripwire

  • As well as those that give the site the status of a Konservat-Lagerstätte there are enough "ordinary" macrofossils (brachiopods, graptolites) and microfossils (chitinozoan palynomorphs and radiolaria) to show that it corresponds approximately to the level of the Sheinwoodian-Homerian stage boundary within the Silurian Wenlock Series (426.2 ±2. 4 Ma).

    Planet Atheism


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