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  • proper n. A supposed conspiracy of homosexual elites who controlled the art world.


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Blend of homosexual and Comintern, coined in the mid-twentieth century.


  • It's all part of the program brilliantly coordinated by the Homintern to imposed The Gay Agenda on Every Aspect of Life.

    Johann Hari: How Can Conservatives Object to Protecting Gay Kids?

  • Finally, we discover that it takes the Homintern to force Commies to come out in favor of the 10th Amendment.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » (Not Just) Another DOMA Challenge:

  • The studies claiming that "reparative therapy" work are profoundly flawed, and have not managed to find their way into peer-reviewed journals--no doubt under orders of the Homintern.

    Gay Activists target Honorary PhD's for their opposition to SSM

  • After summarizing Maynard Solomon's theory about Franz Schubert "cruising for boys," Rosen writes that "this created consternation among Viennese musicologists and their allies, who saw a takeover of Schubert by the Homintern, and have proceeded to invent an Immortal Beloved for Schubert like Beethoven's and even to suggest that the keys of Schubert's works are a secret code that identifies the name of the lady."

    Schubert à la Mode

  • So many Soviet spies were gay that, according to intelligence reporter Phillip Knightley, the Comintern was referred to as "the Homintern."

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Homintern pre-dates the Soviet system by at least 5,000 years.


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