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  • n. A person from Honduras or of Honduran descent.
  • adj. Of, from, or pertaining to Honduras or the Honduran people.

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  • adj. of or relating to or characteristic of Honduras or its people
  • n. a native or inhabitant of Honduras


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  • A military coup, led by a School of the Americas-trained general no less, ousting a President who was NOT calling for a non-binding referendum but was instead acting within Honduran law (but against the wishes of powerful forces there), should be opposed by all who consider themselves to be "antiwar."

    You and Whose Army? « Blog

  • The president then cited the troubling history of military intervention in Honduran politics, a past that the country — under more prudent governments — had made great strides in leaving behind in the past two decades. Blog

  • The official line mouthed by Honduran officials and getting much play in Honduran newspapers (which make no effort to hide their support for the coup and post-coup regimes) is that this violence is a by-product of drug and gang wars.

    Bill Quigley: Honduras: Crisis and Progress

  • "I was brought by a coyote, a person who, you know, does that," Posada was heard saying at the hearing, referring to the people smuggler whom he identified as a Honduran with a mustache named Roberto Lopez.

    Kansas City Star: Front Page

  • I fear this one will live to comment another day. snark on/Somedays, it just do not pay for me to make a “radical” suggestion like the 17th amendment was a mistake, maybe I should just stick to the not so “radical” ideas of Cap and trade, Health Care for all, supporting the Iranian mullahs, calling the Honduran constituional process illegal, but alas, a troll called me on one my most radical idea./snark off

    Sooo… I guess we’re waiting on the press conferences, then. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • As for the first — his arrest and removal from office — the folks empowered to adjudicate its legality, namely the Honduran judiciary, said and continue to say that it was kosher; and there appears to be no serious question that the army was acting as an arm of the judicial branch, not as a military institution, when it executed the arrest order.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » CRS on the Honduras “Coup”:

  • "This reflects the utter crisis, deterioration and failure of the so-called penitentiary system, which isn't really a system at all but a collection of decrepit, badly constructed, foul-smelling jails," said Victor Meza, a former Honduran interior minister who runs a think tank called Honduran Documentation Center.

    News -

  • MEXICO CITY - A year before the coup that ousted Manuel Zelaya, an outgoing U.S. ambassador called the Honduran president a "rebellious teenager" who secretly wanted to leave office a martyr, according to a diplomatic memo released on the Wikileaks website.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • These were joined the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, the former Catholic priest and Nicaraguan Sandinista revolutionary, called the Honduran military's intervention a "criminal action."

    Spero News

  • He called the Honduran constitution the worst in the world.

    Democracy Now!


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