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  • v. Present participle of Hoover.


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  • Many are suddenly having to compete with newcomers Hoovering up market share at an alarming rate.

    The way to beat the cheap imitators

  • The financial system is now stronger than it was when he took office, but Wall Street continues to engage in its antisocial practices, Hoovering all the nation's profits, paying huge bonuses, and trading rather than lending.

    L. Randall Wray: Obama Takes a Baby Step in the Right Direction

  • Hoovering so many feeds these days I probably saw them first here.

    Titanic Lakes

  • However, it was difficult to maintain the proper mood of languorous romance with Mrs. Baird industriously Hoovering away outside our door.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • A typical week might involve a sit-down with Stevie Nicks, who once told me that her coke-Hoovering days came to an abrupt end after a doctor informed her that there was only a tiny piece of flesh left inside of her nose, and one good snort would rocket it to her brain to finish her off.

    Jancee Dunn: Heaven Can Wait

  • Hoovering I think is a Britishism rather than a Canadianism, because I distinctly remember having to look it up when I was a kid and couldn't find it because my parents' dictionaries are too prescriptivist.

    genericized brand names: use a tissue, not a kleenex

  • Hoovering I think is a Britishism rather than a Canadianism

    genericized brand names: use a tissue, not a kleenex

  • Maybe somebody at the NSA once told her that if she said “This conversation does not exist” on the phone, then the Hoovering machines would ignore that call.

    We’ve Got A File On You | ATTACKERMAN

  • Indeed, Bush, who is earning the dubious distinction of the most ignominious president in American history, out-Hoovering Hoover, will provide fodder for the Democrats to run on for several decades.

    Jacob Heilbrunn: Obama and America's Promise

  • You are cordially invited to bring your Hoovering, washing, line-drying, food preparing (vegetarion only please), floor scrubbing, sticking to your diet, put those sunny-smelling sheets on the bed skills over to our house any day of your choosing.

    Busy Day


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