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  • proper n. a malted milk hot bedtime drink
  • n. bollocks – a muddle, hash or balls-up
  • v. to make a hash (of something); to make a Horlicks of.


From William Horlick, founder. Term extended as euphemism for bollocks ("mess"). (Wiktionary)


  • HORLICKS Org: Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Promotion across India, distributed as a freebie along with 500gms Horlicks.

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  • Many a night, as we have sought to follow the tradition of putting up on overnight posting – which we have come to call our "Horlicks", after the eponymous bed-time drink – we have groaned inwardly at the leaden, inane prose that confronts us, wondering how on earth we can present something, anything, that will entertain and inform our readers.

    Two years old

  • It was almost with a sense of panic that, in the small hours of this morning, I trawled through the internet news sources looking for something newsworthy and interesting not necessarily the same thing to park on the blog as our overnight story – or "Horlicks" as we have come to call it.

    An establishment turning in on itself

  • And then to cap it all he couldn't even stop his dithering without making a complete 'Horlicks' of it.

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  • The chef, whose best-known dishes have included ingredients such as Horlicks and Weetabix, is to open the upmarket eaterie with his partner Katie O'Brien.


  • His theme for today is "carbon capture", something we did last night for the "Horlicks" so I did not want to return to it so quickly.

    EU Referendum

  • The company produces treatments for asthma, cancer and HIV, as well as brands including Horlicks, Aquafresh, Lucozade and Ribena.

    GlaxoSmithKline boss: firms shouldn't quit Britain for tax reasons

  • To mark this special association, Horlicks for the first time has come up with a Special Edition Ra.

    Deals India: Morning News Roundup

  • Having Katy B-ed all over tracks by Sampha, SBTRKT and Joker, serial guest vocalist Jessie Ware goes it alone for her debut single, a gentle, soulful bass-wobble that feels like a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket made of Horlicks.

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  • After dinner, still hungry, we would stroll out to our favourite Forte's cafe and tuck into vanilla slices and mugs of Horlicks, waiting for the late August sky to darken before the Austin chugged along the seafront between Boscombe and Bournemouth piers, as we oohhed and aahed at fairy lights on lampposts and the moon shimmering on the sea.

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