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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Huayna Capac Died 1525. Incan emperor (1493-1525) under whom the empire reached its greatest extent. After his death the empire was weakened by a protracted civil war between his sons Huáscar and Atahualpa.

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  • n. the Incan ruler under whom the Incan empire reached its widest extent (died in 1525)


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  • The Inca ruler Huayna Capac and his designated successor die of smallpox, which is spreading south from Panama, precipitating civil war between his sons Atahuallpa in Quito and Huascar in Cusco.

    Exploring the Inca Heartland: Chronology of the Conquest

  • The Shape of Inca History: Narrative and Architecture in an Andean Empire (University of Iowa: Iowa City 1999), by S. Niles, focuses on Yucay, the royal estate of the Inca ruler Huayna Capac, but touches upon many of the other sites in the valley of the Urubamba River and provides an architectural and historical context for understanding them.

    Exploring the Inca Heartland: Further Reading

  • In 1493, the same year that the Catholic Church divided the New World between Spain and Portugal, Topa Inca died, and his place was taken by his son Huayna Capac.

    One River

  • The son of Yupanqui, he explained, was Huayna Capac, the Inca responsible for expanding the empire into what is today southern Colombia.

    One River

  • Like his father before him, Huayna Capac retired to Tumibamba, now the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca, where he built palaces of the finest stonework, masonry inset with jasper, and temples draped in sheets of gold.

    One River

  • As Inca, Huayna Capac lived at Tumibamba for a decade, and it was from there that he first heard of a strange ship approaching the coast from the west.

    One River

  • Then came smallpox, the death of Huayna Capac, and the beginning of the cataclysm.

    One River

  • There is no question, of course, that civil war was in progress when the Spaniards arrived, which war, by the way, was a very fortunate thing for the Spaniards; but we do not know enough about the government of the Incas to know whether Huayna Capac could bequeath any powers to his sons.

    The Prehistoric World; or, Vanished races

  • Her father had been forced to submit to the victorious Huayna Capac.

    The Prehistoric World; or, Vanished races

  • Huayna Capac, who died about 1525, was in reality the last of the

    The Prehistoric World; or, Vanished races


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