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  • proper n. A patronymic surname.


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From a medieval diminutive of the given name Hugh.


  • (I am delighted to find that the manager's nephew, Mr. Jock Hutcheon, is in this room tonight.)

    St. Andrew's Day Special Meeting

  • Kenny McCaffrey from Cupar in Fife and Malcolm Hutcheon from Insch in Aberdeenshire will help train a group of Harlem high school pupils in masonry.

    Scots Stonemasons Carve Harlem «

  • This, according to Hutcheon, is the basis of postmodernism–that postmodern works present a paradox between critique and reinforcement.

    Nay to the Naysayers: Avatar, Credit, and Intertextuality

  • 'If there is one thing that especially distinguishes postmodernism from modernism, according to Hutcheon, it is postmodernism's relation to mass culture.

    FINAL CRISIS, Pt. 1: The Modernist Background

  • Hutcheon pointed out that Anshe Chung's history is well known in Second Life, which presents, for her, the kind of problems young job seekers might face when prospective employers find their former MySpace posts about drunken sprees -- complete with photographic evidence.

    Rita J. King: Solving Real World Problems in a Virtual World: The World Economic Forum in Second Life

  • Hutcheon had nae will to the wark, but he had stood by Dougal in battle and broil, and he wad not fail him at this pinch; so down the carles sat ower a stoup of brandy, and Hutcheon, who was something of a clerk, would have read a chapter of the Bible; but Dougal would hear naething but a blaud of Davie Lindsay, whilk was the waur preparation.


  • The night before the funeral, Dougal could keep his awn counsel nae langer; he came doun with his proud spirit, and fairly asked auld Hutcheon to sit in his room with him for an hour.


  • Hutcheon, and wished him all health and lang life, and said that, for himsell, he wasna lang for this world; for that, every night since Sir


  • However, DNA-based studies later produced by Pettigrew and his colleagues produced a new, even more surprising result: rhinolophoids (the horseshoe bats and their relatives) were consistently found to group together with megabats, the implication now being that Microchiroptera might be non-monophyletic (Hutcheon et al. 1998, Kirsch & Pettigrew 1998, Pettigrew & Kirsch 1998).

    We flightless primates

  • Steve Hutcheon of the Sydney Morning Herald filed a comprehensive report of the incident here and tells BoingBoing, "If you can't visualize it, see this YouTube clip: Link Google Video Link."

    Boing Boing


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