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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Suidae — the giant forest hog.


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  • Other mammals include forest elephant Loxodonta africana cyclotis (EN), estimated at 3,250 individuals in 1989, now reduced for their meat and ivory from 350 to 2 families, hippotamus Hippopotamus amphibious, forest buffalo Syncerus caffer nanus, leopard Panthera pardus, forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, bongo Tragelaphus euryceros and seven species of duiker, all taken for food.

    Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • In the lower forest and bamboo zone mammals include the giant forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, tree hyrax Dendrohyrax arboreus, white-tailed mongoose Ichneumia albicauda, elephant Loxodonta africana, black rhinoceros Diceros bicornis, suni Neotragus moschatus, black-fronted duiker Cephalophus nigrifrons and leopard Panthera pardus (which has also been seen in the alpine zone).

    Mount Kenya National Park and National Forest, Kenya

  • Other uncommon animals are an isolated population of 30-40 chimpanzees Pan troglodytes schweinfurthi (E) in the southern lava field forest of Tongo, and in the north, a small relict population of okapi Okapia johnstoni (LR), topi Damaliscus korrigum (LR), forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni and bongo Tragelaphus euryceros (LR); also three species of pangolin Manis spp. and the aardvark Orycteropus afer.

    Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • In addition, there are bushpig Potamochoerus larvatus, giant forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, bushbuck Tragelaphus scriptus, yellowbacked and blackfronted duiker Cephalophus sylvicultor and C. nigrifrons.

    Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

  • Larger antelopes, Tragelaphus spp., apes (Gorilla and Pan), buffalo and pigs (Potamochoerus, Hylochoerus) are also affected.

    Northwestern Congolian lowland forests

  • Other species include the endemic water chevrotain Hyemoschus aquaticus, African golden cat Felis aurata (K), giant forest genet Genetta victoriae, the endemic aquatic genet Osbornictis piscivora, leopard Panthera pardus, giant ground pangolin Manis gigantea, aardvark orycteropus afer, pygmy antelope Neotragus batesii, forest buffalo Syncerus caffer nanus, bush pig Potamochoerus porcus and giant forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni (V) and great cane rat Thryonomys swinderianus.

    Okapi Faunal Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Other mammals include elephant Loxodonta africana (EN), bongo Tragelaphus euryceros (LR), sitatunga T. spekei (LR), buffalo Syncerus caffer (LR), leopard Panthera pardus, warthog Phacochoerus aethiopicus, giant forest hog Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, and pangolin Manis sp.

    Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon

  • He was a complex character who discovered one of the last large mammals Hylochoerus meinertzhageni, the African giant forest hog, fought in wars large and small, collected hundreds of birds, intrigued in public and private life, and wrote four fascinating books based on his diaries as well as several books of ornithology.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Giant forest Hog (Hylochoerus meinertzhageni), Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, C.A.R. (Photograph by WWF/A.A. Green)

    Northwestern Congolian lowland forests

  • The Afrotropical suids: Potamochoerus, Hylochoerus and Phacochoerus.

    The many babirusa species: laissez-faire lumping under fire again


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