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  • The Helminthes Hypothesis is nearly identical to the Hygiene Hypothesis but it focuses exclusively on parasites.

    Susan Weissman: Child Food Allergies: What Causes Them?

  • The Hygiene Hypothesis is a popular theory for the increase in food allergies.

    Susan Weissman: Child Food Allergies: What Causes Them?

  • Hypothesis is one of dozens of marijuana businesses that have opened recently in the District, where pot can be purchased, in cigarette form, at gas stations on Capitol Hill.

    The year is 2020: What's happening with marijuana?

  • What has always been missing from discussions of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis is any indication of the quality of the interpretation of the publicly available information.

    Matthew Yglesias » Efficient Markets Hypothesis Rhetoric

  • As for regulators, because the ECMH [Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis] is often brought to bear as a justification for deregulation in politically charged policy disputes, such as mandatory corporate disclosure and insider trading, those who support regulation of such areas find comfort in the behavioral critique.

    Fama vs. Thaler, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • However, it does show that the Abiogenetic Hypothesis is capable of generating fruitful hypotheses, and that further tinkering may yield more insights.

    Bits and Pieces of an RNA World

  • However, a reasonable prediction from the Hypothesis is that RNA may have previously performed the functions of these modern protein enzymes.

    Bits and Pieces of an RNA World

  • I realize that my "DNA-World Hypothesis" is contrary to the current Hollywood-style hype of RNA, but I'm pretty confident that the competing "RNA-World Hypothesis" fad will pass.

    A Minimal Genome

  • Holden offers an essay, “Congress on the Defensive: An Hypothesis from the Iran-Contra Problem.”


  • Dawkins: Accepting, then, that the God Hypothesis is a proper scientific hypothesis whose truth or falsehood is hidden from us only by lack of evidence, what should be our best estimate of the probability that God exists, given the evidence now available?

    Dawkins on the DI Payroll?


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