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  • Contraction of I will.

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  • I will
  • I shall


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Contraction of I will or I shall


  • It has been 40 years since the "The Godfather" drew fans into the iconic saga of the Corleone family, reinventing the mob-movie genre and embedding the phrase "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" in the American idiom.

    Taking the Cannoli

  • I remind Tay of the name I'll be using while we're here.

    The Uninvited Guest

  • I stick my hand out the window and give her the name I'll be using.

    The Uninvited Guest

  • Let's go and have a drink at the Blue Shade lounge in the back—there's a name I'll be changing.


  • More frequently, I heard armchair psychological views of Modi's outsize ambitions, all of which can be condensed into the phrase 'I'll show 'em.'

    Slate Articles

  • In the short term I'll increase exposure in Asian stocks. -- Top News

  • MR: And there is also an Anne Murray-inspired song called "I'll Sing For You."

    Mike Ragogna: From Jim Croce to MTM: A Conversation with Producer, Singer & Songwriter Tommy West

  • In the night, the orange glow from a half-dozen kerosene lamps is visible on the riverbank—the only sign of a village whose name I'll never know.

    Take Me to the River

  • Help me our Father in heaven hallowed be thy name I'll believe in You with all my heart I'll never forsake You again.

    The Girls He Adored

  • These include a couple of his teammates, the lumbering catcher and captain Mike Schwartz, who is moved to recite Robert Lowell when he first sees Henry play, and the skilled hitter and fervent environmentalist Owen Dunne, who introduces himself to Henry with the statistically improbable phrase "I'll be your gay mulatto roommate."

    NYT > Home Page


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