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  • n. An intraframe, a frame which contains all necessary rendering information within itself


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Abbreviation of "intra frame".


  • When someone says they want a keyframe interval of 90 frames, they mean they want a keyframe every 90 frames; an open-GOP I-frame is still a keyframe, so that counts.

    Doom9's Forum

  • The only problem is that the first few seconds (prior to some critical I-frame, one supposes) has frozen/corrupted video. Forum

  • JPEG compression (good starting point!) (not many differences between JPEG and MPEG compression (I-frame)) Forum

  • This only seems to happen when advancing by individual frame and not by I-frame or by time jumps (1 or 10 second advances). Forum

  • PlayMaker offers superior image quality by relying on the JPEG 2000 codec, which provides higher efficiency in quality / bitrate ratio and greater error resilience compared to other intra frame compression codecs like M-JPEG or I-frame


  • Anything the GStreamer plugins installed on your system can support, although some formats are inherently better for fast video editing, like those offering accurate seeking, I-frame only codecs, etc ...

    FootNotes - GNOME Desktop News

  • Changing CODEC parameters to fix I-frame frequency or using a higher efficiency CODEC can help also, but at the expense of video quality or processing requirements.

    Wireless Design Asia - Latest Updates

  • After the first key frame of video (I-frame) has been compressed, each subsequent frame is compared to its predecessor and only the changes are encoded.

    Wireless Design Asia - Latest Updates

  • A GOP structure of one I-frame every 0. 5s implies the I-frame uses 26 percent of the available bit stream and results in a burst in network bandwidth requirement twice per second (Figure 2).

    Wireless Design Asia - Latest Updates

  • When performing motion search, the encoder will analyze the degree of motion in the scene and might decide that another I-frame is needed.

    Wireless Design Asia - Latest Updates


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