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  • incumbent local exchange carrier.


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  • In Houston, TX AT&T (ILEC) charges long distance to call a cell phone from a (pots) landline.

    A Dying Landline Business Sounds a Lot Like Static

  • In some cases, they chose not use 3rd party metro WANs, terrestrial microwave, or what have you, for their more ILEC friendly and cheaper T_carrier systems – synchronous and inflexible point to point links.

    Mobile Data Growth Boosting Backhaul Demand

  • If the ILEC uses VoIP technology to provide your service, is it still a phone call?

    What is a Bit? - Shelly Palmer - MediaBizBloggers

  • For example: a bit that comes to you from your ILEC (incumbent local exchange carrier) is taxed by local, state and federal authorities under one set of tax laws, but the same bit traveling to you from your local MSO (multi-systems operator) over a DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) modem, if it is taxed at all, is taxed under a different set of guidelines and regulations.

    What is a Bit? - Shelly Palmer - MediaBizBloggers

  • A. there is no evidence that P2P applications represent a threat to the integrity of wireline ILEC networks;

    Bell Canada throttling, DPI fight isn’t over

  • Bell is the only large ILEC in Canada that throttles P2P traffic and the only ISP that we know of that systematically throttles both upstream and downstream P2P traffic, for all users, regardless of volume and regardless of whether congestion is actually occurring.

    Bell Canada throttling, DPI fight isn’t over

  • + If George Gilder or his compadres arrive, I'd like to get the skinny on ILEC fiber and Chinese capitalism.

    Boing Boing: January 11, 2004 - January 17, 2004 Archives

  • If you cancel early, then the company has to eat fees charged to it by the ILEC also.

    Why I think Speakeasy Sucks

  • If so, then the only choice for IP over twisted pair is from the ILEC that owns the copper.

    Why I think Speakeasy Sucks

  • One note of interest: as a CLEC with operations in over 100 markets nationwide, AT&T has interconnections to the ILEC E911-serving tandems, enabling it to provide “real” E911 in a significant footprint.

    AT&T’s IP-Centrex


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