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  • Inter-Process Communication Facility
  • Isopropenyl chloroformate.
  • Industrial Pointed Coordinated Function


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  • BAKER: Well, the IPCF (ph) -- the International Peace Keeping Force -- and the Pentagon have let us know that they have received credible but not specific threats against journalists.

    CNN Transcript Mar 10, 2002

  • The IPCF facility allows programs in a PRIME computer to exchange data with programs in the same computer, another PRIME computer, or another vendor's computer, assuming that that vendor supports X. 25.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • If the two programs happen to end up on the same machine, the IPCF mechanism still works.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • The programmer sees PRIMENET's IPCF as a series of pipes through which data can flow.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • A variant of the IPCF facility allows users to include the terminal handling protocol code in their own virtual space, thus enabling them to control multiple terminals on the packet network within one program.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • The Inter-Program Communication Facility (IPCF) lets programs running under the PRIMOS operating system establish communications paths (Virtual circuits) to programs in the same or another PRIME system, or in other vendors 'systems supporting the CCITT X. 25 standard for packet switching networks.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)


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