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  • n. Greek Mythology The son of Daedalus who, in escaping from Crete on artificial wings made for him by his father, flew so close to the sun that the wax with which his wings were fastened melted, and he fell into the Aegean Sea.
  • n. An asteroid with an eccentric orbit approaching within 30 million kilometers (19 million miles) of the sun.

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  • n. (Greek mythology) son of Daedalus; while escaping from Crete with his father (using the wings Daedalus had made) he flew too close to the sun and the wax melted and he fell into the Aegean and drowned


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin, from Greek Īkaros.


  • Flick to page 38 on that preview, by the way, and ye'll see that Icarus is also running a short fiction competition, looking for stories inspired by the illustration on that page.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • This issue of Icarus is better than a slice of pumpkin pie.

    October 6th, 2009

  • For those of you who enjoy both gay and speculative fiction, Icarus is the magazine for you.

    Editing results

  • Although his father explains that when something goes into a black hole it never comes out, Icarus is confident that he can journey to the black hole’s edge and still make it back.

    Icarus at the Edge of Time by Brian Greene: Book summary

  • Even the name Icarus, with its origin in the Greek myth of a boy who flew to great heights (brilliance) but then came too close to the sun (madness) and hurtled to his death, has a literary cast.

    Listening to Madness

  • A boy undone by the failure to accept human limits, Icarus is a useful metaphor for the hothouse kid.

    The Drama of the Gifted Parent

  • Abilities: Icarus is a skilled guitar player and a talented singer.

    Marvel Thursday Thirteen -

  • Becker: Is the name Icarus Witch significant to anyone else in the band?


  • Becker: Does the name Icarus Witch bear any significance to this band as of today?


  • There is also a butcher called Icarus Hinds, and the bookseller trades under the name of Bertram A. Watts.

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