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  • proper n. A set of images containing a wide variety of facial features, such as noses, hairlines, chins, etc. on transparencies which can be overlayed in combinations to build up a picture of a person; it is used by police agencies to create concrete images of a crime suspect from the descriptions of witnesses; the image created with the kit is also called an Identikit, or more properly an Identikit picture.


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  • It’s the height of the festival season, and across Britain Identikit groups of tight-trousered, floppy-haired boys with guitars are taking to the stage, to thrash out a homogenous jangle.

    Does The World Need Another Indie Band? | Disinformation

  • In 1961, when it was an antique shop, it was the site of a murder, followed by the first successful prosecution featuring the new Identikit system.

    Independent bookshops in London

  • Everywhere you look: Identikit pale, yellow-haired, grinning people in uniforms.

    A holiday of the last resort

  • Within days, the police have issued an Identikit image appealing for help to find this entirely fictional missing person.

    Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception; Ernesto Neto: The Edges of the World

  • Why does the BBC deem this desirable? ªAn odd little moment on this month's Crimewatch (BBC1) offered an Identikit sketch of a wider menace facing British broadcasting.

    TV Matters: a linguistic oddity in Crimewatch

  • Cutting and pasting from a bizarre Identikit does not help your cause.

    Archive 2010-05-01

  • I said a moment ago that the gym tends in the opposite direction, to reduce the differences between bodies and favor Identikit over identity, but there are people who go further.


  • Identikit institutions in all our towns and cities churning out graduates in a couple of years is not what the country needs to protect its proud position as world leader in teaching excellence and innovative research. '

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Identikit had a few interesting moments, but The Only Game in Town was difficult to watch.

    A Tribute to Taylor

  • Three of the photosmine, Peter Shelleys and Alvinsare distinguished by long, trendy Identikit sideburns.

    A Question of Honour


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