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  • adj. Of or pertaining to ancient Idumea or Edom, a historical region south of Judea and the Dead Sea, mentioned in the Bible.
  • n. A native or inhabitant of Idumea.


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Idumea +‎ -an


  • While Aristobulus fought the Romans to his death, Hyrcanus allied himself with the house of Antipater the Idumean and its Roman patrons.

    Mariamme I The Hasmonean.

  • This man, who had ambitions and took pride in his Idumean heritage, plotted against Herod.


  • Her second marriage was to an Idumean aristocrat, Costaborus.


  • Judæa; that Augustus left Herod completely his own master for the tribute which that Idumean paid to the empire.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • For Herod the Great, son of Antipater the Idumean or Edomite, the turbulent times in which Julius Caesar rose to power in the Roman empire fifty years before Christ were also an opportunity for adventurers like himself to rise in power and influence in the land we call Israel or Palestine.

    Puzzlements & Predicaments of the Bible

  • And yet Herod lacked the vital Davidic bloodline that would have entitled him to such a throne.2 Herod had a Jewish mother but an Idumean father.

    The Jesus Dynasty

  • Would you go back through history, till you could identify your action with that of an Idumean potentate named Herod?

    The Complete Father Brown

  • He was an Idumean from south of Judea, a Jew only in name, in truth a pagan.

    The Gospel according to the Son

  • And there is mention of "Idumean, called the Upper."

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • Moses, except, perhaps, the lost book of Enoch, or, unless -- which we are inclined to doubt -- the book of Job had just before his era been reduced to writing by the Idumean, Assyrian, or Chaldean priesthood.

    Mysticism and its Results Being an Inquiry into the Uses and Abuses of Secrecy


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