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  • A shallow, dike-enclosed lake of northwest Netherlands. It was formed from the Zuider Zee by the construction of two dams (completed in 1932). Much fertile farmland has been reclaimed from the lake since that time.


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  • He took the route over the great dyke across the Ijsselmeer, and kept up a gentle flow of conversation that needed little answering.

    Politics 101

  • "What sort of fish do they catch in the Ijsselmeer?"

    Politics 101

  • The Dutch are already feeling the strain on their small nation and are looking at a renewal of the great land reclamation schemes that saw the Zuiderzee, that great inlet of the North Sea into the heart of the Netherlands, closed off between 1916 and 1932by the Afsluitdijk, thus converting it into a fresh-water lake called the Ijsselmeer.

    Tulip Island or Doggerland?

  • The blue part of the flag is even directly where the Ijsselmeer huuuge lake is.

    Taking Liberties

  • They reached the Afsluitdijk, the high sea dyke an one side of the wide road, the Ijsselmeer on he other, and raced across it, and presently laribel could see the land ahead of her:

    The Course Of True Love

  • In the midst of this idyllic scene a few years back there appeared what residents now call "the pink invasion," three huge hog barns each with 10,000 or more pigs in the fields that skirt the dike that protects the region from the Ijsselmeer, once known as the Zuiderzee.

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  • Ijsselmeer, to create The Netherlands '12th province, Flevoland. "

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper


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