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  • Let's also tie in the CBN interview with Brody where Obama says, yet again, that there are LIES being put out about him wanting to withhold life-saving treatment from infants in Illions -- a lie.

    McCain Just After 9/11: "Next Up, Baghdad!"

  • Morgan thinks this carousel may have been the last complete one carved by the Illions factory. Front Page

  • Why, then, does the Worlds of Fun sign for it and the sign at its longtime former home, the old Geauga Lake park in Aurora, Ohio call it "A 1918 Illions Classic"? Front Page

  • To start a heated discussion at a gathering of carousel groupies, just say something like, "You know that Illions carousel in Kansas City isn't a Supreme, right?" Front Page

  • Morgan of Los Angeles says that term was never used by the Illions company. Front Page

  • The Illions company restored it before it opened in the Ohio park. Front Page

  • One reason for the confusion, he says, is that the KC carousel has some attributes of a Supreme that other Illions machines didn't have. Front Page

  • Illions produced just 15-20 carousels in all, and a handful of those were smaller, portable machines. Front Page

  • But many authorities and books, when discussing the Illions machines, refer to Supremes and sometimes Superiors and Superbs. Front Page

  • But the Worlds of Fun carousel does not boast one of Illions' legendary "American Beauty" flower horses, a trademark of the Supremes. Front Page


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