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  • n. Any of a series of international sales terms that divide transaction costs and responsibilities between buyer and seller.


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Blend of international,‎ commerce, and term


  • ต้นทุนสินค้า + กำาไรที่คาดหวัง (Product Cost + Profit) ค่าขนส่งทางรถยนต์ (Cost Transportation) ค่าขนส่งทางรถไฟ / ค่าระวางเรือ / ค่าขนส่งทางอากาศ (Cost Freight) ค่าประกันภัยสินค้า (Cost Insurance) Total "Export Price" > > อย่างไรก็ตามแล้วแต่ตกลงตามเงือนไข "Incoterm" ่

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  • * The abbreviations in three letters given for each Incoterm are a standard reference agreed upon by the ICC and the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations.

    Chapter 12

  • Discuss which Incoterm is most appropriate for your company and model the costs and risks before sealing the deal.

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  • Buyer must insure itself when using an "F" Incoterm.

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