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  • "Ipecac," cried Matrena Petrovna, and she made the general drink it.

    The Secret of the Night

  • Ipecac and cathartic administration may not be required if the patient is already experiencing vomiting and diarrhea.

    Colchicine Poisoning

  • Since patients may become lethargic or comatose quickly, Syrup of Ipecac-induced emesis carries with it obvious risks.

    Clonidine Overdose in Children

  • An endotracheal tube cuff is not protective against aspiration. 2 For these reasons, Syrup of Ipecac is the preferred method of gastric emptying, provided the patient has a gag reflex, is alert, and is likely to remain so, and provided the substance is not expected to cause seizures. 2,10

    Hydrocarbon Ingestion

  • Ingestions of less than 20 mg./kg. of elemental iron can be treated with observation alone while ingestions between 20-40 mg./kg. of elemental iron require Syrup of Ipecac but generally do not require a physician visit or a serum iron determination.

    Iron Poisoning

  • The basic principles of poisoning management: resuscitation, decontamination, enhanced elimination and supportive care, all apply. 6 The only exception lies in the use of Ipecac.


  • Ipecac had been given to the patient prior to calling.

    Cocaine Toxicity

  • A second dose of Ipecac had been administered without result and the patient had been lavaged.

    Cocaine Toxicity

  • Now all I have to do is replace the Gatorade with Ipecac at the next marathon and I WILL BE A GOD!

    Convincing Evidence for God

  • If your child ingests a poisonous substance or one you suspect is poisonous, do not give him syrup of Ipecac or anything that will make him throw up the poison.

    Keep the kids safe while spring cleaning


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