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  • proper n. Long Island (in New York State)
  • proper n. Vancouver Island


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  • In a series that included fantastical elements at the core of its narrative (a time-traveling island, earth-shattering electromagnetic energy, and don't forget the Light at the center of the Island that may or may not make existence possible) without reverting to tired formulas or cheesy plot lines, the narrative hinges upon the good old-fashioned myth of the soulmate.

    Bradley B. Onishi: I Once Was Found and Now I Am Lost : Reflections on the Religious and Spiritual Dimensions of Lost

  • There is an island sitting out here, Sirocco (ph) Island, several hundred people live on that island.

    CNN Transcript Oct 18, 2009

  • Of course the big shocker, the "Wha?" moment was Locke's message from Jacob on how to save the island: "We have to move the Island."

    Jay Glatfelter: On Lost: "Cabin Fever"

  • Some recent posts: "Mobile Beach Huts" (for those "marooned on a desert island"); "Britain's 50 Greatest Islands"; and "Own an Island in the Wilderness."

    The Best In...

  • It's on the island of Okinawa, Japan's southern-most and poorest prefecture and a place Johnson knows well from his time in the Navy and as an expert on the country and region that includes a book he co-wrote and edited called Okinawa: Cold War Island.

    A Review of Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis - The Last Days of the American Republic

  • There's a character on Lost who was a wheelchair user for four years before crashing on the island--something about the island has "cured" him (and another passenger who had a terminal cancer diagnosis); to keep from ever leaving the Island (and presumably resuming his post-SCI life), the former wheelchair user has been blowing up a lot of stuff lately.

    Just don't bitch about it

  • Officials have been telling us that he was on an island off the coast of southern Iran, called Keesh (ph) Island.

    CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2007

  • TREBEK: Name the small island group in the Atlantic Ocean that was once called Summer ` s Island?

    CNN Transcript May 24, 2006

  • No more than 18 people on the island, no resort activities, just swimming and watching my Lovely Wife ogle young Tahitian beach attendants, while I kept a wary eye on the sharks and the Island of the Sex Lizards long story.

    Motu Vahine

  • So as of earlier today I am an island, I may be Gilligan's Island, but an island nonetheless.

    suit-of-meat Diary Entry


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