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  • proper n. A transliteration of a Russian patronymic, meaning "daughter of Ivan".


Transliteration of Russian Ивановна. (Wiktionary)


  • OUR FIFTH-GRADE LITERATURE TEACHER, Ludmila Ivanovna, is short and round, wheeling from one corner of the classroom to the other on tiny feet.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Anna Ivanovna, who built the famous ice palace in St Petersburg.

    Great dynasties of the world: The Romanovs

  • But Ludmila Ivanovna, her plump face framed in tight chemical curls, is doing something unauthorized and daring: she is entertaining us with an extracurricular analysis of the reading preferences of Tatiana, the virtuous heroine of Eugene Onegin.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Which Russian composer married a pupil, Antonina Ivanovna Milyukova, but left her a month after the wedding in a state of nervous collapse?

    June 2007

  • Ivanovna looked after him, shook her head, put on her spectacles again, and again took up her comforter ... but more than once sank into thought, and let her knitting-needles fall on her knees.

    Dream tales and prose poems

  • Ivanovna, in spite of her confidence, cast uneasy glances upon him.

    Dream tales and prose poems

  • Ivanovna inquired severely (‘You dare rush off into Latin again,’ she implied.) ‘No need to anticipate any at present!’

    Dream tales and prose poems

  • Ivanovna — he fought a duel with the English milord Hugh

    A Desperate Character

  • Ivanovna at times assumed extreme proportions; she was not of a mild temper, and somewhat too ready with her hands ....

    A Desperate Character

  • Ivanovna was apparently anticipating an honoured guest; her dress was fastened up at every hook.

    A Desperate Character


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