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  • proper n. A large street party held during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region.


French jour ouvert, "open day". (Wiktionary)


  • The traditional celebration, known as J'ouvert, has been the scene of numerous shootings in the past.

  • The team then converged as Brother High joined the gathering pre-parade J'ouvert festivities that meets in Grand Army Plaza and celebrates late into Labor Day Eve.

    To Capture a Bracing Blowout

  • Night sequences in "Below the Brain" depicting J'ouvert revelry are among the film's most powerful.

    To Capture a Bracing Blowout

  • A Trinidadian Carnival tradition, J'ouvert incorporates satirical costumes mocking celebrities, politicians and contemporary issues in an ecstatic bacchanal with a different tempo and feel than the better-known daylight parade the following day.

    To Capture a Bracing Blowout

  • "None of us had ever been to J'ouvert before," Mr. Lowe said.

    To Capture a Bracing Blowout

  • The party began with J'ouvert which is a celebration and night-time street party in central Port-of-Spain that begins at 2 a.m. and ends around 8 a.m. which is just a few hours before the beginning of Carnival Monday.

    Teri Johnson: It's Time For Trinidad Carnival For 2012

  • For J'ouvert, I was told to wear white clothes that can be thrown away because they will be ruined with mud, chocolate, paint, and oil by the J'ouvert revelers.

    Teri Johnson: It's Time For Trinidad Carnival For 2012

  • While many New Yorkers are aware of Monday's West Indian Day Parade, most have no knowledge of the pre-dawn, pre-parade party called "J'ouvert."

    David Jones: West Indian Day Parade

  • Children have been spraying themselves with brightly-coloured paint and powder as part of the messy J'ouvert celebration at the beginning of the carnival.

    BBC News - Home

  • On Carnival Monday, the early-morning J'ouvert Parade features traditional body-painted dancers, followed by a pageant of bands of costumed "mas" short for "masquerade" revelers and later a rave-style "jump up" of street dancing that goes into the wee hours.

    SFGate: Top News Stories


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