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  • A republic formed in February, 1861, and composed of the 11 Southern states that seceded from the United States in order to preserve slavery and states' rights. It was dissolved in 1865 after being defeated in the American Civil War.


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  • Why media is not telling that in the past 90%of bombings that Turkey blamed to PKK were actually done by Turkish Army Intelligent services called JITEM.

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  • A document uncovered this week by the Sabah daily shows how Guney purposefully infiltrated Ergenekon and another organization known as JITEM, an illegal intelligence unit in the gendarmerie suspected of hundreds of murders and kidnappings.


  • A document recently uncovered by the Turkish press revealed that Guney had also infiltrated a police intelligence unit (JITEM) working with Ergenekon to destabilize Turkey.

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  • Serdar Yilmaz, a local non-governmental organization activist thinks the funeral turnout was a warning that the army doesn't want JITEM to be investigated too closely.


  • Among 40 soldiers now held in connection with the Ergenekon scandal are a retired colonel and general believed to have co-founded JITEM, a shadowy military police unit that may be linked to more than 600 murders of Kurdish activists.


  • Aslan found his remains in a valley near Silopi in 2005 using information provided by Abdulkadir Aygan, the Swedish-based former JITEM member.


  • But when Abdulkerim Kirca -- a retired colonel on trial in connection with murders allegedly carried out by JITEM -- committed suicide in January, military officers turned out en masse for his funeral.


  • Lawyers in ongoing JITEM trial, being held in the regional center of Diyarbakir, have applied three times to Ergenekon prosecutors for the dossiers to be joined, but have yet to receive an answer.


  • Two dozen Sirnak families first agitated for an investigation into mass graves claims back in 2004, when Abdulkadir Aygan, a former JITEM member who has lived in Sweden since 1999, published a book detailing the whereabouts of 28 JITEM victims.


  • Tahir Elci worries that sensational news about alleged 'acid wells' into which paramilitary groups threw victims 'bodies to dissolve them risks obscuring the reality of what groups like JITEM were up to in the southeast a decade ago.



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