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  • adj. Somewhat Japanese; affecting a Japanese style.


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Japanese +‎ -y


  • Yvan even decided to wear his Japanese headband gift during dinner and looked very "Japanesey" in it!

  • Another leader on the sleek side of designs would have to be team "Import Tuner" with their very Japanesey rendition of a Scion FR-S concept car.

    Wyatt Closs: 2011 Red Bull Soapbox Race Designs -- Rate 'Em!

  • There are wonderful Japanesey knits on the Rainey Sisters blog: all those lovely little cables.

    Jean's Knitting

  • I bet substituting some mirin for that brown sugar would make things taste even more Japanesey.

    Japanese Style Slow-Cooked Fish

  • Now, Deep River was both amazing and ubiquitous, but her next release was the english language release über-flop Exodus, which contained such utterly forgettable tracks like "You Make Me Want to Be A Man" (what?), and "Easy Breezy" (with the jaw-dropping crap-tastic lyric You're easy breezy/And I'm Japanesey ...); Isaac best described Exodus as something along the lines of a bucket of donkey pee.

    Music (For Robots): June 2006 Archives

  • Silicon Valley game publisher Red Octane is devoted to bringing the musical-game craze to the United States, but the dancing games, "which have all been kind of quirky and Japanesey, haven't hit at the heart of America," says CEO Kai Huang.

    Playstation 2: 'Hero' Worship

  • This weekend while sweating away at the gym and boosting my endorphins in a desperate substitute for mood-altering sunshine, I listened to the "Easy Japanesey" (the title makes me wince, but that didn't stop me from listening to it) Eat Feed podcast and so tonight I'm making Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlets--super comfort food).

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • The song comes from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, and though very Japanesey, it's a nice little song.

    Musings of a Drunken Monk: Cute Song Translation

  • In a few seconds the door flap waved, and Biddy looked out into the starlight, the yellow glimmer of a candle flame within the tent silhouetting the Japanesey little figure wrapped in a kimono.

    It Happened in Egypt

  • It's a fun game and should appeal to those looking for something like a brain game or puzzle video game, it also has some super Japanese style elements like up-beat Japanesey (word?) music and happy rainbows and bright colors. - Articles related to LEAD: Tokyo stocks mixed as China worries offset eased Goldman concerns+


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