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  • He had too great an opinion of Jarl's skill not to believe that the man from the Eyrie could cross his trail within a day or so.

    Daybreak 2250 AD

  • Jarl's eyes, those eyes which held one on the balance scale, went from Fors to his companion.

    Daybreak 2250 AD

  • Jarl's hand rubbed with steady strokes behind the ears of the huge cat whose black fur, long and silky and almost blue in the sun, twisted in his fingers.

    Daybreak 2250 AD

  • So when he raised his head he dared not look at Arskane or Murphy, but he found and held Jarl's uncompromising eyes as he asked:

    Daybreak 2250 AD

  • Only-it must be done, he could not go on in this one-legged way, and he certainly was not going to beg shelter from the Plains camp and so fall into Jarl's hands.

    Daybreak 2250 AD

  • The saga-singer sat there on the low platform, and on the high-seat itself also rested the Jarl's other visitor, and through the window the rays of the setting sun glinted like flame on the helmets which each chief wore, and on the golden bosses and buckles of their armour.

    The Iron Star — and what It saw on Its Journey through the Ages

  • Einar, the Jarl's youngest son by a thrall or slave woman, and thus not of pure Norse lineage, asked whether he might go, offering as an inducement to his father that, if he went, he would thus never be seen by him again.

    Sutherland and Caithness in Saga-Time or, The Jarls and The Freskyns

  • They were convinced that they saw the witch herself seated on the prow of the Jarl's ships with clouds of missile weapons flying from the tips of her fingers, each arrow carrying a death-wound.

    The Superstitions of Witchcraft

  • Far up overhead, at the darkening-in of night, the besiegers saw the eyes of the castle flash red for an instant, and shut again; then they heard the castle-rock bray out like a great trumpet, and they trembled, crying, "That is old Jarl's warhorn; he is awake out of slumber!"

    The Blue Moon

  • Hardly had the call of old Jarl's war-horn ceased, before the Constable commanded the castle gates to be thrown open, and out he came leading

    The Blue Moon


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