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  • proper n. A player on a sports team affiliated with the University of Kansas
  • proper n. A student at the University of Kansas
  • proper n. A resident or native of the US state of Kansas


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Name of a fictional bird, half bluejay and half sparrowhawk, mascot of the University of Kansas. See jayhawker for the origins of the term.


  • Origin of the mascot name: The term Jayhawk comes from the 1850s, during which Kansas was a battleground between pro - and anti-slavery forces, the two sides sometimes sacking and attacking each other's settlements. stories

  • The term Jayhawk was at first used to describe both sides, but eventually stuck with the anti-slavery advocates and, in time, became a term of endearment. stories

  • The nickname "Jayhawk," or more precisely "Jayhawker," can be linked to Kansans who sided with anti-slavery forces in the years leading up to the Civil War.

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  • The 'Birds' category would have benefited from the Kansas Jayhawks, but a Jayhawk is a fictional combination of a blue jay and a sparrow hawk, so they land in the 'Mythical Figures' group.

    Reptiles and Amphibians Rule March Madness

  • The Jayhawk is a cross between two hunting birds–the noisy blue jay and the quiet sparrow hawk.

    “Jayhawks” « Christopher Colaninno

  • The program is called the Jayhawk Buddy System and is geared toward showing positive behaviors, not scare tactics. - News

  • If you didn't know, the Jayhawk is the mascot of Kansas University.

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  • A "Jayhawk" (Kansas) to crap on people's windshields

    Is That Legal?: Violently Pacifist.

  • Jeanette Spencer, sales representative, said unique products such as Jayhawk-themed jewelry, doorbells and wineglass charms had been the most popular present choices at the Etc. Shop, 928 Massachusetts St. She said she had already noticed the earliest droves of students arriving to pick out their gifts. stories

  • Most recently, the Board of Aldermen for the town of Osceola, Missouri, issued a resolution calling on the University of Kansas to drop its "Jayhawk" mascot name because of its association with an episode on September 22-23, 1861, when US Senator Jim Lane and 2000 "jayhawkers" subjected that prosperous town of 2500 to two days of looting, murder and arson -- with fewer than 200 people remaining afterwards.

    Tobias Winright: What's In A School Name And Mascot?


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