from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A churchyard or burial ground.

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  • proper n. A female given name, a variant of Jasmine.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Translation of German Gottesacker : Gottes, genitive of Gott, god + Acker, field.


  • Jazmin akan membawa anda menyelami dunia beliau dengan lebih mendalam lagi iaitu berusaha untuk menyelamatkan hubungan beliau, keluarga, kerja dan rakan-rakan serta dapat mengetahui lebih lanjut akan susah payah seorang pereka fesyen muda ini yang mempunyai keazaman diri yang kental untuk mencapai impiannya.


  • Adakah Jazmin akan kecundang dalam dunia fesyen ini ataupun beliau akan manjadi semakin glamor dengan rekaannya?


  • My thoughts and main motivation for this challenge was a young girl called Jazmin, she lives in a remote part of the rain forest in Peru. USA Latest News

  • Judge Jazmin Barrios called the killings "perverse" and said they "erased from the map" the village of Dos Erres.

    Former Guatemalan Soldiers Sentenced in Civil War Trial

  • Special education teacher Jazmin Rivera told the WSJ that she believes the program is suited:

    NYC Schools Get Serious Tech Upgrade & Computer-Based Lessons

  • For struggling students, in particular, the method is helpful, said Jazmin Rivera, a special-education teacher at the school.

    Blending Computers Into Classrooms

  • Carla's husband, Matthew, walks in with Tiffany's mom, Antonia's mom, Mike's mom, and Richard's wife, Jazmin, who was five months pregnant with their second child at the time.

    Top Chef All Stars Ep. 12: A Final Five!

  • Arriving home from Barcelona, Turner was met at the airport by his two daughters – Jazmin, five, and Carmen, three – carrying a huge banner that read "My daddy won a gold medal", with BBC cameras filming.

    Dai Greene and Andy Turner are reluctant gold medal celebrities

  • Jazmin, Jazmine Persian alternate forms of Jasmine.

    15,000 Baby Names

  • Then at the end of Phat Girlz Ramón turns into a catwalk emcee for "Thick Madame", the new clothing line created by Mo'Nique's character Jazmin.

    Archive 2009-12-01


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