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  • proper n. A game where players take turns to remove wooden blocks from a stack formed brickwise, the loser being the player whose actions cause the tower to fall.


The manufacturers assert that jenga is the Swahili verb "to build". (Wiktionary)


  • JENGA® DONKEY KONG ™: Collector's Edition is appropriate for ages 6 and older and appeals to Jenga and Donkey Kong fans everywhere. Podcast

  • Freak Party Jenga is a riot, especially by our rules (at various unrelated points, I had someone kissing my ass, I had to lick all players 'cleavage, and I was forced to kiss caliban ... all I'll say is be careful what rules you agree to ...).

    I Give Up

  • "Jenga" - where you take it in turns until someone makes the tower fall over.

    Sega Nerds

  • You bring your bargain toy home, only to discover afterwards that what you bought is not an actual "Jenga" brand game, but instead, a clever hand-carved knock-off.

    The Toque

  • "If it doesn't say 'Jenga' somewhere on the package, that in itself should be a strong indication that you are looking at a fake," said Amir Imaj, who represents the legal trademarks of Jenga, as well as other wooden block products, such as Tinker Toys, Pick Up Stix, and Lincoln Logs.

    The Toque

  • The gameplay for the second title will be fundamentally similar to the first game, a kind of Jenga-alike where players have to solve puzzles by either knocking down or building up walls and towers. Feed

  • What distinguishes one type of branding (such as Jenga) from another (such as Nike) is that, while both types may encapsulate and represent the reputation and the character of a product for sale, in the second case the product for sale is, first and foremost, the brand itself.

    Sramana Mitra on Strategy

  • I guess folks who don't handle books need suggestions, the rest of us already have a pile next to the bed that rivals the largest Jenga tower ever.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • He's saying TV viewers don't have the patience for it, that it shouldn't take three seasons to make one Beetlejuice reference, that the whole show is one inside joke stacked on top of another until viewership collapses, like someone trying to play Jenga in a moving car. The Top 10 TV Comedies of 2011

  • Maw Maw's Jenga prowess while dancing to "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" is a demented highlight, but my biggest smiles are reserved for Jimmy's tentative flirtation with Sabrina at the check-out counter.

    Matt's TV Week in Review


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