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  • proper n. Jeopardy!, a popular US television game show in which contestants answer clues by responding in the form of a question, hosted originally by Art Fleming and most notably by Alex Trebek.


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Coined when Ed Vane, a skeptical producer, rejected an earlier concept of the show, claiming “it doesn’t have enough jeopardies”, according to creator Merv Griffin.


  • Just like in Jeopardy!, this reasoning goes, you should lose money and status for answering (or behaving) "wrongly."

    Simon Maxwell Apter: Why Reality TV Is the Best Place to Reinvent Your Image

  • SFB: Do you feel that because of the changing cast of characters, Double Jeopardy is accessible to a first-time reader?

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • It's like being a real smart person in a room when Jeopardy is on. - With game plan, true fans can enjoy Stupor Bowl

  • HOST: This episode of Congressional Jeopardy is paid for by Vernon Robinson for Congress.


  • Ecclesiast 4.12 thatt seldome comes A Better; whie should I + then putt my Widowehood in Jeopardy? the Virgins life is gold, as Clarks vs tell the Widowes siluar, I loue siluar well.

    My Name Was Martha: A Renaissance Woman's Autobiographical Poem

  • I was trying to frame that in a "Jeopardy" - type question, but I'm sick and tired and couldn't do it.

    CNN Transcript May 10, 2005

  • A growing number of schools across the nation are embracing the iPad as the latest tool to teach Kafka in multimedia, history through "Jeopardy"-like games and math with step-by-step animation of complex problems.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Watson, a "Jeopardy"-playing computer that IBM says marks a profound advance in artificial intelligence, edged out game-show champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter on Thursday in its first public test, a short practice round ahead of a million-dollar tournament that will be televised next month. Top headlines

  • Author Stephen Baker covered the creation of the 'Jeopardy'-playing Watson computer.


  • Brown: That's a key element of "Jeopardy"--if you get the answer wrong, you are penalized and the value of the clue is subtracted from your score--not unlike in business where, if you make wrong decisions with bad information, you will get penalized.



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