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  • adj. of, or pertaining to John, usually John the Apostle or John the Baptist.

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  • Same as Johannean.


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  • Before the Gospel of St John was written the Synoptists were read in a Johannine, that is, a Pauline sense.

    The Beginnings of Christianity. Vol. II.

  • In its philosophical proemium; in the conspicuous absence of exorcistic miracles; in the self-assertive theosophy of the long and diffuse monologues, which are so utterly unlike the brief and pregnant utterances of Jesus recorded in the Synoptics; in the assertion that the crucifixion took place before the Passover, which involves the denial, by implication, of the truth of the Synoptic story -- to mention only a few particulars -- the "Johannine" Gospel presents a wide divergence from the other three.

    Collected Essays, Volume V Science and Christian Tradition: Essays

  • On the other hand, several features of the Johannine presentation of Jesus have long seemed to possess their own claims to historicity, even over and against the Synoptics.

    Mythunderstanding The Criteria Of Authenticity

  • Is it better to treat John 3 as a dialogue between the Johannine community and the synagogue, or as a purportedly genuine conversation between a Jewish leader and a baptizing mystic who would soon emerge from under the shadow of his mentor John and become a focal point of his own movement?

    Is John 3 Meant To Be A Historically Plausible Narrative?

  • He is certainly among the worlds top 10 Johannine scholars.

    Lincoln's Commentary on the Gospel of John

  • But certainly it is at least appropriate to consider other ways the story might have been understood, since the "two levels" of the Johannine narrative are not always so blatantly anachronistic although John 9, with its depiction of leaders ready to expel from the synagogue any who confess Jesus as Messiah, clearly is similarly anachronistic.

    Is John 3 Meant To Be A Historically Plausible Narrative?

  • With the volume on the Johannine epistles and Revelation, the collection of NT booklets of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is complete.

    Spring 2009 books from Ignatius Press

  • But it might be worth exploring nevertheless, and if it turns up something interesting, it would be poignant to think of the Gospel's and epistles' emphasis on "seeing" in this light if you'll excuse the Johannine pun.

    The Gospel of the Man Born Blind?

  • That's merely evidence that the Johannine Epistles were written before the Gospel of John ;

    Keener Quote

  • Comparison between Johannine epistles and Johannine Gospel greatly illustrates this.

    Mythicism and Paradigm Shifts


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