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  • proper n. a Romance Language, based on Old Spanish, and spoken almost exclusively by Sephardic Jews in Greek and Turkey.


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Judaeo- +‎ Spanish


  • ‘Genetically modified', semi-engineered Israeli is based simultaneously on Hebrew and Yiddish (both being primary contributors – rather than ‘substrata'), accompanied by a plethora of other contributors such as Russian, Polish, German, Judaeo-Spanish (‘Ladino') Arabic and English.

    languagehat.com: HEBREW OR ISRAELI?

  • That's Dzhudezmo, or Judaeo-Spanish, and means You don't know, Antonio, what it's like when a language dies.

    languagehat.com: WHEN A LANGUAGE DIES.

  • In Judaeo-Spanish, however, rapoza is still used for "fox".


  • The flip side of the revival of Hebrew, which the article doesn't mention, is the probably imminent demise of Yiddish and Ladino (Judaeo-Spanish), two previously vibrant Jewish languages (New York City once had seven Yiddish newspapers!).

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • Judaeo-Spanish, Italian, Spanish), rather than as the Israeli unique lax uvular approximant cf. many Yiddish and German dialects).

    languagehat.com: HEBREW OR ISRAELI?


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