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  • n. The act of Judaizing; a conforming to the Jewish religion or culture. Compare with Hellenisation.


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  • KT: We can look at the workings of the municipality's Local Outline Plan Jerusalem 2000, a published document that does very little to conceal the objectives of the Israeli authorities which can be described as the Judaization of Jerusalem, that is to change the demographic composition of the city to favor the Jewish-Israeli population.

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  • In a statement e-mailed to reporters in Gaza, the Ansar al-Sunna faction said the attack was a response to Israel's "Judaization" of Islamic holy places in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the West Bank.

    Gaza Rocket Kills Man in Israel

  • Mr. Dugard goes on to lament the "Judaization" of Jerusalem, which if nothing else is a revealing use of language.

    Your U.N. at Work -- III

  • The origin of this predominant position (which, be it noted, must in no sense be regarded as an indication of "Judaization," as a symptom of dependence of the party upon the money of Jewish capitalist comrades) is to be found, as far at least as concerns Germany and the countries of eastern Europe, in the peculiar position which the Jews have occupied and in many respects still occupy.

    Political Parties; a Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy

  • Though they vowed to organize demonstrations against Israel's refusal to release Palestinian prisoners and its "Judaization" of Jerusalem and Al-Aksa Mosque, the Gaza leaders also noted that "popular resistance" - a term designating rioting and other non-military methods of confrontation - was not a sufficient alternative to "armed resistance," meaning terrorist attacks. - Front Page

  • Islamic clerics protest the "Judaization" of Jerusalem, accuse Israel of injecting walls of al-Aqsa mosque with chemicals to speed deterioriation

    David Horowitz Freedom Center

  • When someone complains that this is "Judaization" of Jerusalem - something some Israelis openly claim - he or she is denounced as an anti-Semite. - Front Page

  • "Judaization" campaigns have caused thousands of Palestinians to lose their homes, their legal residency, or both.

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  • The Arabs are crying that building in Jerusalem is part of the "Judaization" of Jerusalem.


  • The context here, as well as in the Galilee, is the strategic aim of "Judaization": increasing the Jewish presence in regions of the state deemed to have "too high" a proportion of Palestinian citizens.

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