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  • The idol is subsequently installed in the household shrine, which includes two other cult objects (an ephod and teraphim) and, eventually, a resident priestly officiant (Judg 17: 7 – 13).

    Mother of Micah: Bible.

  • Both parents accompany Samson to Timnah in Judg 14: 5, but his mother is not included in v. 10.

    Mother of Samson: Bible.

  • She is called a “mother in Israel” (Judg 5: 7) perhaps because she was a biological mother.

    Deborah: Bible.

  • In Judg 4: 4, Deborah is identified as eshet lappidot, which may mean “woman of [the town] Lappidoth,” “wife of [the man] Lappidoth,” or “woman of torches” (that is, “fiery woman”).

    Deborah: Bible.

  • Interpreters generally agree that it is the Levite who throws her to the crowd, though the text only states ambiguously that “the man seized his concubine, and put her out to them” (Judg 19: 25) without noting specifically which man is meant.

    Concubine of a Levite: Bible.

  • Samson is the profligate, and it is perhaps because he visits a harlot in Judg 16: 1 – 3 that some readers conclude that Delilah is also a harlot (the phrase “and after that he fell in love with a woman …” [Judg 16: 4] also links the two women).

    Delilah: Bible.

  • Thus he saves himself from losing face by rescinding his foolish vow to hand over the town to the Assyrians in five days if God does not act (7: 30 – 31), blaming the people who forced him to this oath, victimizing the victims as Jephthah did his daughter (Judg 11: 35).

    Judith: Apocrypha.

  • She prophesies that the victory would not be a glory for him, for Sisera would fall “by the hand of a woman” (Judg 5: 9); that woman will be Jael.

    Jael: Bible.

  • When she comes back to her father, he does with her “according to the vow he had made” (Judg 11: 39).

    Daughter of Jephthah: Bible.

  • In an androcentric setting, there is no greater dishonor for a male than to die at the hand of a female (see Judg 9: 53 – 54; 2 Sam 11: 21).

    Judith: Apocrypha.


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