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  • proper n. Katie (given name)
  • abbr. Central Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Shortening of Katie, which is pronounced the same way as just the letters KT.


  • LG-³ëÅÚÀº À̹ø KT IP-PBX BMT Åë°ú·Î ±¹³» ÀÎÅͳÝÀüÈ­ (VoIP) ¼­ºñ½º ÁÖµµ±â¾÷ÀÎ KT¿¡ ÃֽŠ°í¼º´É


  • All right, if KT is posting The Onion link again, I will share my favorite Onion story on this thread too:

    More About the Presidential Pardon Process - Swampland -

  • Does this mean KT is going to Haiti to raise an army of cranky commentators and plans to become their dictator? khakipants

    Free the Swampland Commenters! - Swampland -

  • KT is right: even though you're listening, you look away at your peril -- between Eliot's packed sentences and the perils of traffic, something's gonna give.

    Hard books

  • KT is now building five U-Cities, futuristic places characterized by pervasive computing and ubiquitous communications, and looks to increase the number more than 10-fold in a decade.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » The U-Cities of South Korea

  • MARTIN: Well, briefly I have a syndrome called KT or (UNINTELLIGIBLE), and the blood will go down in my leg but it doesn't make it up properly.

    CNN Transcript May 29, 2001

  • More than 88\% of voters in KT is Malays why 5 points sound like an apology to chinese community? do you have to apologise for DAP giving contradict statement on PAS and Anwar Huddud ..

    Planet Malaysia

  • KT, which is also South Korea's largest fixed-line operator, didn't provide information on the price it is paying for the stakes.

    KT to Acquire Stake in Credit-Card Company

  • You can call the KT a nostalgia group if you want to, but to me it's three guys singing timeless songs, and when they can do them like this, I don't see a thing to complain about.

    Archive 2002-12-29

  • "Jungle Gym Jungle" and Buff 1′s stellar debut, "Pure" (an album that really put me on to the production wizardry of the LabTechs, namely KT).



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