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  • This family has been traced back to the War of the Revolution, when a young soldier named Martin Kallikak seduced a feeble-minded girl.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A New Scopes Trial Atmosphere?–

  • One of the most notorious of these clans was the so-called Kallikak family.


  • Another family called the Kallikak family, which has been made the subject of investigation, is a still better example of heredity.

    Society Its Origin and Development

  • Another case recently studied is the "Kallikak" family.


  • In many cases, however, in our own country doubtless the great majority, the father concerned has an illicit connection with some girl quite outside his own social circle and later, as in the famous "Kallikak" case, marries a woman of his own class and has a family of recognized children.

    The Family and it's Members

  • The story of the Kallikak family was used as an argument for the segregation, the sterilization, and even the extermination of such people; in translation, the book was popular reading among members of the Nazi party in Germany.


  • The book became a bestseller, and the Kallikak family became infamous, cited in textbooks and encyclopedias as a cautionary tale about unchecked reproduction among the unfit.


  • In 1912, Goddard published a detailed account of the clan, The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness.


  • The members of the Kallikak family “are wayward, they get into all sorts of troubles and difficulties, sexually and otherwise, and yet we have been accustomed to account for their defects on the basis of viciousness, environment, or ignorance.”


  • True, the Nov. 11 NY Times said that in the Appalachian Kallikak Belt, more white voters went for McCain than they had for Bush; but elsewhere in the Republic an awful lot of wonder bread folks felt a joy verging on euphoria -- a deep emotional recognition of what an African American family in the White House signifies for all of us.

    What's with All the Happiness?


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