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  • Of course, this was the era when elite, progressive eugenicists were faking research on white "Kallikaks" to support programs of euthanasia and sterilization for the "unfit lower orders," and a lot of those narratives carried racial overtones as well.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • Ishmaels and Moors, Ramapaughs and "Kallikaks" remain, or their stories remain, as indications of what Nietzsche might have called "the Will to Power as Disappearance."


  • I myself grew up on legends of the "Kallikaks" of the nearby New Jersey Pine Barrens (and of course on Lovecraft, a rabid racist who was fascinated by the isolate communities).


  • The Kallikaks were brought to public attention by Henry Goddard, director of the research laboratory of the Vineland Training School for Feeble-Minded Boys and Girls in New Jersey.


  • The tale of the Kallikaks, biologist and historian of science Stephen Jay Gould has noted, became “a primal myth of the eugenics movement.”


  • Karp, a pediatrician at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, works with many patients with fetal alcohol syndrome, and he thought he recognized some of its signs in what he read about the Kallikaks.


  • He is not the only contemporary researcher to theorize that the Kallikaks and other families maligned by the eugenicists were actually shaped by a variety of adverse prenatal influences like alcoholism, malnutrition, and venereal disease, not to mention poor conditions after birth.


  • Supporters of eugenic theory in the early 20th century, who hoped to improve the human race through better breeding, built on Dugdale's study and published other portraits of "degenerate" families (e.g., the Kallikaks, the Pineys and the Nams).

    Call Them the Ishmaels

  • Dar Kush: Obama, the Jukes and the Kallikaks skip to main

    Obama, the Jukes and the Kallikaks

  • Kallikaks are able to pass as normal in their own crude environment, but when compelled to compete with average American stock their deficiency becomes evident.

    The Measurement of Intelligence An Explanation of and a Complete Guide for the Use of the Stanford Revision and Extension of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale


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