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  • n. An adherent of Karaism.

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  • n. A sect of Jews who adhere closely to the letter of the Scriptures, rejecting the oral law, and allowing the Talmud no binding authority; -- opposed to the Rabbinists.

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  • n. A member of a Jewish sect which adheres to Scripture as contrasted with oral tradition, and consequently denies the binding authority of the Talmud.


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Karaism (from Hebrew) + -ite.


  • It's the reason why the once great Karaite and Sadducee communities are irrelevant or non-existent, respectively.

    Rabbi Adam Jacobs: The Jewish American Gut-Check

  • I hope Will Smith sees the error of his ways and decides to make The Feral Karaite Kid.


  • Bóid also compares the Rabbinic and Karaite sources on the same matters.

    Samaritan Sect.

  • It is likely, however, that the Karaite practice was the main influencing factor.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • Cohen speculates that this practice was widespread in Greece a couple of generations before R. Hillel under Karaite influence and that his comments on Sifra were the result of an unsuccessful campaign to change the practice or a desire that they sin in ignorance rather than intentionally.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • The final polemic is found in Maimonides, who objects to Karaite practices which had proliferated among the Jews, i.e. bathing in drawn water, laxity in accounting of the seven clean days and, even worse, sprinkling instead of immersion.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • In the following century the wife of the Karaite leader Abu l-Taras, from the city of Toledo, also gained a reputation as an educated woman.

    Learned Women in Traditional Jewish Society.

  • While contemplating the possibility that the Baraita is a Karaite forgery intended to attack rabbinic Judaism, Horowitz finally opted for a rabbinic origin, and concluded that it was composed around the fourth century, in Palestine.

    Baraita de-Niddah.

  • Tenenbaum decided to take her name out of love, and his forged documents bore the Tatar-Karaite name Tamaroff, incorporating her Hebrew name, Tamar.

    Tema Sznajderman.

  • Seven marriage contracts involving Karaite and Rabbanite individuals have so far been discovered in the Cairo Genizah.

    Karaite Women.


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