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  • n. A medical-patient information system using preprinted forms on durable card stock.
  • n. Any device or system for paper-based record-keeping that used products that bore the Kardex trademark, or a similar system, or an electronic system that replaced it.


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Alteration of card ("data recorded on durable paper") + -ex


  • Please see sample "Kardex" (sheet we give out with the extract to record injections given).

    Immunotherapy: allergy shots

  • It was almost eight o'clock when she finally reached her office and sat down to fill in the Kardex for the night staff.

    Politics 101

  • Harriet, glad to have her thoughts interrupted, opened the Kardex, and turned to greet them.

    Politics 101

  • "Yes, Mr. Creed -" she looked up "- your name is on the Kardex, but I'm afraid ..."

    The Pull of the Moon

  • Among them are Kardex, the hi-tech mechanised storage system; Stahl hoists and cranes which have been well established since the last century; South African crane manufacturer Lasch which has been in operation since 1936; Brun hoists; and the ParkSafe parking system.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • She closed the with sudden insight as the other woman's pale blonde Kardex.

    Consultant Care

  • Nicolette tried to concentrate on the Kardex, but it was hard going when Leander Le Saux seemed to have monopolised every one of her senses, both on and off duty.

    Consultant Care

  • Emily shrouded the desk lamp with a red cloth, opened the Report Book and Kardex, and bent her neat head over them.

    The Fateful Bargain

  • The Kardex was gone in the ruins; a new one would have to be made out tomorrow, in the meanwhile she made a quick resume of the day's happenings ready for the night staff, most of whom were already on duty anyway.

    A Girl Named Rose

  • "Oh, well!" and flipped the Kardex open and began.

    Tulips For Augusta


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